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College Athletes Can Now Report Sports Gambling Suspicions

college sports betting investigation are on the rise

A digital platform that allows college athletes and others to alert their school administrations anonymously to improper or illegal conduct by coaches, teammates or others is expanding to allow students to report suspected gambling activity.

The tipline, accessible by texting 843-USI-TIPS provides individuals a way to safely and anonymously report physical threats, harm, and/or emotional abuse related to gambling. Similarly, it is an anonymous and safe way for those participants to share their experiences and information related to corruption and integrity-related concerns such as the misuse of insider information, match-fixing, game manipulation, and/or illegal wagering. Athletes can also make reports via their school's RealResponse portal.

“Nothing is more important than the health and wellbeing of the professional and student-athletes who have committed their lives to compete at the highest levels, and it is our job to help protect that paradigm,” said U.S. Integrity Co-Founder and CEO Matthew Holt in a statement. RealResponse and U.S, Integrity have partnered to expand the popular tipline.

The move comes amidst multiple investigations into illegal sports betting, including a state investigation into illegal sports wagering at Iowa and Iowa State that has led to criminal charges being filed against a dozen athletes. Alabama baseball coach, Brian Bohannon, was fired in May after being linked to suspicious gambling activity on a Crimson Tide game.

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