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What to Expect When You Go to a Gambler's Anonymous (GA) Meeting

Congratulations if you've decided to take the first step toward recovery from problem gambling and attend Gambler's Anonymous meetings! You might wonder what to expect and how they can help you. This guide will clarify how a typical GA meeting looks, making you more comfortable about attending.

participants at a Gamblers Anonymous meeting

GA meetings aim to provide an understanding, pleasant, and healthy environment for compulsive problem gamblers. It's a place for people struggling with gambling addiction to share their experiences, thoughts, and trials and support each other.

Around 70 percent of attendees cite sports betting as their primary form of gambling. However, since three percent of the U.S. population struggles with some gambling addiction, Gambler's recovery groups gather people from all walks of life and different types of betting problems.

Many feel conflicted about attending and unsure about the structure of a usual GA meeting.

Here's everything you should know about what to expect when you walk through the door that first time:

What are Gambler's Anonymous Meetings?

Gambler's Anonymous (GA) meetings refer to a 12-step recovery program and a fellowship of people with a gambling addiction sharing their wisdom, problems, strengths, and goals. These support groups accept everyone who decides to tackle and end their problem gambling.

The attendees' age, gender, religion, culture, or any other demographic or social characteristic doesn't affect whether they can join. Gambler's Anonymous doesn't entail any paperwork, fees, or political or religious affiliation.

Anonymity is among the pillars of GA meetings, encouraging trust, openness, and honesty among attendees. Members only disclose their first names, removing privacy concerns and ensuring confidentiality.

Knowing that everything they share stays in the group also helps attract new attendees, especially those hesitant due to the stigma associated with gambling addiction. But even though GA meetings don't require bringing or signing anything, those wanting to join should come with an open mind and be willing to participate and support others actively.

Transparent conversations include talking about recent challenges and temptations. If you want to join GA groups, you should be ready to be proactive and give your part in fostering camaraderie and an atmosphere of trust.

These meetings are also an opportunity to find a sponsor who can encourage and support you throughout your recovery and offer helpful guidance and insights. Since GA provides different session formats and valuable resources to treat your addiction, you can choose what matches your needs and hopes.

The meetings typically take place in accessible locations like churches and community centers, although it's possible to find virtual meetings as well. As GA recovery groups are self-supporting, you can donate but are not required to contribute if you can't.

The Structure of Gambler's Anonymous Meetings

GA meetings have a structured environment that encourages individuals with problem gambling to come together and support each other's recovery journey. As a result, each gathering has a specific format and lasts between one hour and one hour and a half.

Expect that these meetings typically involve a combination of group discussions, reading, and sharing therapy. The following is how a typical GA meeting looks.


Compulsive problem gamblers start the GA meeting with a welcoming opening message and a short introduction to the fellowship's principles and purpose.

Group reading

Reading previously selected literature often occurs at the beginning of each GA meeting. Group members choose relevant gambling addiction recovery books and materials, setting the tone for the gathering and a foundation for the discussions. Even though everyone doesn't need to do so, attendees read the chosen literature aloud.

Experience sharing

GA meeting members encourage each other to discuss their difficulties, journey, progress, and objectives related to problem gambling. That allows everyone to voice their thoughts and feelings, understand other participants' experiences, and receive group feedback and support. Moreover, the meeting structure ensures each attendee gets equal speaking time, but no one is pressured to talk if they feel uncomfortable. Typically, each member starts by introducing themselves and stating that they're compulsive gambler and when they made a bet the last time.

Twenty questions for new members

When new members attend GA meetings, they answer the Gambler's Anonymous 20 Questions (e.g., 'Have you ever lost time from work due to gambling?'). Some might feel uncomfortable responding yes to most of the questions, but that's the reason they have joined the group recovery for gambling addiction.

Group discussion

The meeting typically switches to group feedback and conversation after the sharing session. That's an opportunity for attendees to encourage others, offer valuable suggestions, and dive deeper into one another's story. Interactivity is another unifying element of GA meetings that helps establish community and trust among members.

Optional breaks

When longer, GA meetings typically include pauses, allowing attendees to take a coffee, stretch their legs, chat, or use the restroom.

Discussing specific topics

Sometimes, GA meetings include time for focused discussions and particular issues, such as financial management, common triggers, and effective recovery strategies. During these sessions, attendees can get guidance on specific challenges or advice on addressing an adverse challenge in their problem gambling recovery journey.

Announcements and final thoughts

The recovery group leader closes the meeting by summarizing sessions and sharing any news and information. Members might finalize the gathering with a brief reflection, a group prayer, or what they learned during the meeting.

GA Meetings Help Get Invaluable Support and Meet Others with the Same Struggles

Problem gamblers often feel isolated and lonely in their recovery journey. That may make it harder to stay committed and refrain from temptations.

GA meetings can be highly effective because they provide a safe space to receive support and have others encourage you to continue attending the sessions. They also allow you to create connections with people going through the same struggles and hear insights into their challenges and how they overcome them.

Although GA meetings have a welcoming environment, each has a unique dynamic and atmosphere. Find a group recovery that matches your needs and personality to ensure you'll feel at ease.

For instance, some might prefer a more spiritual group, while others favor strictly secular GA meetings. Remember that you can try another GA group if you don't like the first session because the goal is to feel comfortable and safe to share your experience.

You can locate a Gambler's Anonymous meeting in your community or check out a virtual GA meeting or learn more about GA before you make your decision.

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