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Hello is owned and operated by Causation, LLC, a NY-based company focused on the dissemination of life-saving and life-enhancing information about a variety of health and mental health conditions. 


The information on this website has been written and/or reviewed for accuracy by Dr. Jeffrey L. Reynolds, an addiction expert with 30+ years experience in the NY-metro area.   

About us

Our Mission

At, we aren't for or against gambling. We don't decide whether online sports betting is legal or how many casinos are situated in a particular geographic area. We recognize that for many, gambling is a form of entertainment and source of enjoyment. Our focus, however, is on educating and assisting those for whom gambling becomes a problem. We help adults understand the signs and symptoms of problem gambling, we look out for young people who are more likely to develop gambling addiction and we support families whose lives have been impacted by problem gambling. Most importantly, we offer help and hope to those who need it most.


We await your comments or questions about problem gambling.  Let's connect.

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