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Find out about the Safe Gaming System™ (SGS), a patented, technology-based system that provides comprehensive consumer protection for gamblers!

Theme for this period: Responsible Gaming Elements

The crucial components of "Responsible Gaming":

From the gambling venue's point of view, here are nine crucial things that determine whether or not the venue is operating responsibly. Responsible gaming policies are intended to provide guidelines to gaming venues to operate with high ethical standards. Many of the principles listed here will be discussed in more detail in future updates.

1. Ensure a secure, fair and safe gaming environment for patrons.
Protect all patrons from adverse consequences.
3.Take measures to address underage and vulnerable players. Identify and block play for underage and/or vulnerable players. Address problem gambling issues and reduce its likelihood.
4. Implement anti-money laundering procedures.
5. Protect the data and records of patrons.
6. Ensure that payments to and from patrons are prompt and accurate.
7. Test and verify fair gaming, ensure randomness and rules adherence.
8. All marketing materials must be factually correct and do not target those ineligible to gamble.
9. Genuine processes should be in place for handling patron complaints and comments.

Here, you can research the subject of problem gambling, read and comment on views from experts in the field, browse for the right products and services, and link to other sites that are doing related work. Our objective is to promote awareness, provide information, and offer services related to problem gambling.......

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